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  2. The truth can be so hurtful.

    The truth can be so hurtful.

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exactly how I feel

Every fucking day



    exactly how I feel

    Every fucking day

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Sad black and white blog.


    Sad black and white blog.

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  10. it’s just
    you said you’d listen to my story
    after you were done on the phone but
    when i came back you asked what was
    “so goddamn important”
    i couldn’t stop nagging you about it
    and since it was something stupid i was just hoping
    would make you laugh so
    i told you to forget about it

    it’s just
    you said you’d read my writing and
    not laugh at it but in reality
    i’ve never stopped being a joke in this family
    because in middle school i wrote dark short stories
    where the main character died and yeah in retrospect
    maybe that’s funny but
    there’s also a reason why since then i don’t
    show you anything because at thirteen hearing you
    refuse to take my work seriously
    didn’t really make me feel like laughing

    it’s just
    you said that school was important but
    at the same time would get so pissed at me
    if i stayed up doing homework
    all i would hear is “why didn’t you start this
    earlier” and when i tried to explain i had other things to do
    i was told “i don’t want to hear it just get it done”
    and when i ever mentioned that i was stressed to the point
    of breaking into glass pieces
    you always rolled your eyes and said “you don’t even
    know what stress is” even though when i asked for help on projects
    you’d barely even look at it before
    deciding it was too difficult

    it’s just
    you’ve never said
    that you’re proud of me
    only told me the things i should be fixing like
    how i’m kind of getting a tummy and my hair is always
    messy and how i’ll never get married if i don’t start
    being more mature and how i need to work on being
    the perfect student or i’ll never amount to anything and
    i need to patch up my personality

    i don’t know but
    when you asked me why i’ve been
    “so distant lately it’s kind of bitchy”
    i got as far as
    “it’s just”
    before you said
    “don’t start with me.”

    i don’t know what you want. i wish i could just


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